Making access to space affordable for everyone.


The world’s only launch vehicle specifically designed to serve the suborbital market as a low-cost solution.


Height: 7.5 meters

Diameter: 0.4 meters

Payload Mass: 50-75 kg

Altitude Range: 120 – 220 km

Time in Micro-G: 3 – 5 minutes


  • Lowest price per kilogram payload in the world
  • Full payload servicing, power, data, communication
  • Four payload module lengths from 20 cm to 65 cm
  • Three options for providing access to space, including payload ejection


Completely designed by Suborbitality’s team of engineers, ANUBIS will be the smartest and most advanced in its category.

It will be the first launch vehicle tailored specifically for the suborbital market to be completely autonomous, and almost entirely reusable, allowing for the highest performance and lowest cost.


We are teaming up with some of the best expert manufacturers across Europe to create the most weight-efficient suborbital rocket in existence. The highest quality carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum will be used to create a modern and efficient design.

Mission - Suborbital Flight

Esrange Space Center, Sweden

Dedicated Suborbital Launch Service

We will launch your payload to space for a fraction of the price of the competition

We offer our suborbital launch services to the following categories:





  • Typical flight altitude is greater than 120 km, allowing for 3+ minutes of high quality microgravity
  • Four standard payload module sizes for with three space-access options for flexible payload requirements
  • Lowest price per kilogram of any existing or planned suborbital launch vehicle
  • First launch to space: summer 2019

Suborbitality is looking for seed round investors, sponsors, and customers for the maiden flight!


Suborbitality s.r.o. is one of the fastest developing launch companies in the world, and aims to achieve its first commercial suborbital flight in Fall of 2019. 

With the support of the European Space Agency through the Business Incubation Centre in Prague, Suborbitality will provide suborbital launch services to research institutes and universities, satellite and space hardware manufacturers, and to anyone wanting to send their payload to space, at a price more than two times lower than all other competitors. As an ITAR-free company, Suborbitality is open to serve the entire world market. The flagship vehicle, ANUBIS, is being developed as the smartest and most weight efficient suborbital rocket in its class, specifically tailored to the suborbital market, and designed for maximum reusability and reliability at the lowest cost.

All team members working on the design of ANUBIS have experience in the development of suborbital rockets, combining more than 25 years of engineering practice within the space industry. 

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